So you’re moving to NBN and you’re wondering about what will happen to the phones?

  • How long will I have to be without internet?

It is advised to not disconnect your current provider until the NBN technical has visited and connected your modem then wait a week for the service to stablise, dropouts are more common in the first week.

  • Will my modem still work?
  • This will all depend on your NBN technology type, check the nbn rollout map
  • Can I keep my phone numbers?

Yes, you can even port across to a new VOIP provider just ensure you have disabled services such as linehunt to prevent number porting.

  • Will my phone lines still work?

For commercial premises phone lines will still be operational but it will eventually be phaised out as everyone adopts VOIP (Voice over internet protocol

Think of VOIP like calling on skype, messenger or whatsapp but when your existing phone numbers.

Advantages of VOIP

  • no line rental fees
  • better voice clarity
  • you can plug in the voip in anyway and so long as it has an internet connection and power it will work.
  • cheaper than¬† traditional land lines
  • Phone calls can be answered from mobile phones using softphones.


Traditional phone line

7 x phones at $55 including calls

More than 2 of these phones make less than 10 outbound calls per month.

Switching to a cloud PBX with pay per each call
$64.95 each month for 8 lines

  • 10c calls to Local/STD
  • 13c/min calls to AU mobiles
  • 22c calls to 1300

The majority of calls are inbound $0

For simplicity no more than $2.50 is spent each day on calls.

$2.50 x 31 = $77.5

So the total is $142.45

Since the current phone bill is $385 that’s $242.55 of savings, even with the purchase of new phones they will have paid themselves off in 6 months.